Sunday, September 29, 2013

:: Weekly Photo Dump :: Birthday

My birthday was Thursday.  I got a lot of really nice gifts! My brother, his girlfriend, and his girlfriend's sister got me a HUGE bag of fabrics. My Granny sent me some fabric, a set of glow in the dark eyeball ice cubes, some skull iron ons and some skull stickers. Pat's parents and Grandpa all chipped in and got us a joint birthday gift, which was a much needed tv for the living room.  My friend Jen got me this super cute chest. Inside it was an adorable bracelet.  She also made me a cherry chip cake (with real marachino cherries) and a BIG pan of her homemade mac n cheese. My friend Roxy made me her famous pina colada cake, and my parents sent me these super sweet cards with some moolah inside.

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