Saturday, June 26, 2010

Floral My Way

As you probably know, it's no longer Friday. I am a day late because of all the giveaway hoopla. Fashion Friday will be a new staple here on Crafty Pirate. You can probably tell that I am in LOVE with fashion, so I thought I would share my fashion insights here on my blog. I have a quirky/kitschy/alternative/DIY sort of fashion sense. What that really means is that I wear pretty much anything I feel like wearing. It could be cowboy boots and a skirt one day, or wedge heels and jeans the next. I don't really follow trends, I like to think that I create my own. I love to make my own clothes and accessories as well.

As I was cruising around the cyber world the other day, I stumbled upon this post by Pink Haired Princess. She mentions these floral heels by Office:


How stinkin' cute! Although I would fall down repeatedly wearing these (I'm pretty clumsy in stiletto heels) I'd still love to have a pair. Truth be told, they would probably end up sitting in my closet with the rest of my adorable heels. Which pair do you like best?? I can't decide.

Since I don't wear heels that often, I created this outfit on Polyvore to show you how I would rock floral shoes.

My favorite thing about this outfit is how the polka dot dress and floral boots seemingly fit together. The socks are adorable! I think I need a pair. I love, love, love hair bows. I wear one pretty much every day. I absolutely adore cuff bracelets too. This one incorporates one of my favorite sewing notions, a zipper. I think everyone should own a bottle of black nail polish. It's so versatile. Wear it plain, or add glitter over the top.

What are some of your favorite fashion items??

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